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600W 1000W DUAL Spectrum Grow Light HPS Bulb Lamp Hydroponics Plant Growth Light - EUR 1,83. 202831501967. The company has added two types of bulb in this package, so you do not need to spend more on buying other lights. You will get a 2100K HPS bulb which has a power rating of 400W along with a 6000K MH bulb with a power rating of 400W as well. The lifespans of the MH and HPS bulbs is 12,000 hours and 36,000 hours respectively. Double-ended HPS bulbs also emit more ultraviolet UV and infrared IR light than traditional HPS bulbs. HPS Bulb Brand Overview While there are a million and one “brands” of HPS bulbs, most of these are Chinese knockoffs of extremely popular and high-selling brands that.

Yield Lab 600W HPS bulb is capable of 90,000 lumens light intensity, 2,100k light, 24,000 hour lifespan and a one year warranty. CONS Comes with only an HPS bulb, you need to. Guide for Beginners: How to Choose the Best HPS Grow Lights and Bulbs? PAR; Spectrum; What Wattage Makes for the Best HPS Grow Lights? Staying Cool; Why do so many HPS light systems include a MH Metal Halide bulb too? Odor Control; TOP 9 Best HPS Grow Light Reviews 2019. Eye Hortilux Eyehortilux Super HPS Enhanced Spectrum Bulb. An HPS bulb is very different from Metal Halide in its physical, electrical and color spectrum ‘characteristics’. An electronic starter within the ballast supplies a short, high-voltage pulse to vaporize the gases in the bulb to illuminate.

Unlike many other HPS bulbs, this bulb is powered from both ends, which gives it more power and a longer lifespan. The bulb emits a powerful yellow, orange and red light spectrum that increases the volume of flowers and buds. Example: HPS has 45% Red in it’s spectrum, ideal for flowering. Green light is also used for productive growth. The addition of Green light is known to improve penetration into the canopy and improves the productivity of the Red and Blue light through the Emerson effect. Example: HPS has 52% Green in it’s spectrum, ideal for flowering. If you are only going to have one room that you will switch from veg to flower, you might go with an HPS ballast and CMH bulb for veg that you switch to HPS for flower, but you can also use a fuller-spectrum HPS bulb you quoted a typical claim for a bulb of this type all the way through without problem. You should still use an MH bulb for the growth period. I've had better results with Dual Spectrum compared to HPS with 100% red/orange. the DS lamps have about 10% blue and 90% red, cus its good for the flowers. Phillips Son-T PIA GreenPower or Soldigital dual spectrum is two really good dual spectrum lamps.

HPS & MHMetal Halide light bulbs offer premium light quality for general lighting for cannabis/marijuana, full spectrum perfect for all the growth stage for indoor plants.

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