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You do not need the trifecta pass to earn the Spartan Trifecta. But it can be a great deal! You can run the races in any order, the Sprint does not need to be the first event. There is nothing special that you will need to do to "claim" a trifecta medal, as you will earn the three pieces of it, as you complete your races during the season. More races, less excuses in 2020: There are more Spartan Race starting lines than ever before. Commit to race all three distances and join the thousands of Spartan racers worldwide who will proudly earn their TRIFECTA medals this year. LIFETIME TRIFECTA RANKING INTRODUCTION. 3 RACES, 1 TRIBE - JOIN NOW! Commit to the TRIFECTA and push your mind, body, and spirit to become the best version of yourself. Take on and complete a Spartan Sprint 5K, 20 Obstacles, Super 10K, 25 Obstacles and Beast Half Marathon, 30 Obstacles in one calendar year to become part of the TRIFECTA TRIBE.

MORE RACES. LESS EXCUSES. There are more Spartan Race starting lines than ever before. Commit to race all three distances and join the thousands of Spartan racers worldwide who will proudly earn their TRIFECTA medals this year. Note: A stadium race counts as a “Sprint” toward your TRIFECTA. Das Spartan Oberndorf 2019 Trifecta Weekend kehrt zurück nach Tirol – unglaubliche Kulisse –> ein Rennwochenende was jeder einmal erleben muss! Trifecta Ticket. Auch in 2018 wird es beim Spartan Oberndorf 2019 Trifecta Weekend wieder das beliebte Trifecta Ticket geben! Sprint, Super & Beast in Oberndorf, Tirol – auf einen Schlag- und zum.

TRIFECTA RULES. A member of the Spartan Trifecta Tribe finishes one of each Spartan distance – Sprint, Super and Beast or Ultra – in a calendar year January 1st – December 31st, anywhere in the world. You can earn multiple Trifectas in a single year, however, only one lap per day, per event will count toward this accomplishment. trifecta world championship single race live results & athlete tracking beast race- the grand final live results super race - the first race results sprint race - closing day 1 results livestream twc races follow all the 3 races- live here livestream event photos your athlete race photos &. 25% OFF ALL RACES AND MORE SPARTAN BLACK FRIDAY IS HERE. Spartan’s Black Friday has arrived, with deals on every race. From single events to bundles, there’s something for everyone.

Spartan Race is innovating obstacle course races on a global scale. With 120 races worldwide, we have three core races escalating in distance & obstacles.

SPARTAN RETURNS TO SWITZERLAND. The World's Best Obstacle Race is heading back to Switzerland on September 5 & 6, 2020. Verbier, an alpine village in the heart of the Alps of Valais, will host the Trifecta Weekend which includes a Half Marathon Beast on the Saturday and a 5K Sprint and 10K Super on the Sunday.</plaintext> The Spartan Race has been extremely successful in ripping people off the couch and getting them outdoors. Spartan isn't the only OCR obstacle course race franchise, but it's certainly one of the most popular. It seems that people get hooked and borderline obsessed after their first race. 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